New Achievement unlocked: Running the Numbers

I’m really getting away from the geek theme, aren’t I? Oh, well. I’ll get back to it.



Well, the road to success. Last night, I got a BUNCH of homework done, and I’ve been working on it today, as well.

I didn’t do uber-hot on my Art quiz, but it’s really okay, because that class has a lot of leeway.

I’ve been running the numbers while in Nutrition (not that I’m not paying attention, its just a lot of this is review from Human Biology.)

I believe I can get A’s in Art, Human Disease and Nutrition for sure. I’m aiming for an A in Chem 2, but with his grading scale and the sheer amount of material (Labs, homework, quizzes, exams…), I had a hard time trying to set a “This is the max grade I can get. Go!” number. I for sure think that, considering how much stuff is left, that I can get at least a B.

So, given the amount of dedication I feel now (and with me, it usually carries through really well.), I have high hopes for this semester. I can do this! I shall take over the world!


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