New Achievement unlocked: Running the Numbers

I’m really getting away from the geek theme, aren’t I? Oh, well. I’ll get back to it.



Well, the road to success. Last night, I got a BUNCH of homework done, and I’ve been working on it today, as well.

I didn’t do uber-hot on my Art quiz, but it’s really okay, because that class has a lot of leeway.

I’ve been running the numbers while in Nutrition (not that I’m not paying attention, its just a lot of this is review from Human Biology.)

I believe I can get A’s in Art, Human Disease and Nutrition for sure. I’m aiming for an A in Chem 2, but with his grading scale and the sheer amount of material (Labs, homework, quizzes, exams…), I had a hard time trying to set a “This is the max grade I can get. Go!” number. I for sure think that, considering how much stuff is left, that I can get at least a B.

So, given the amount of dedication I feel now (and with me, it usually carries through really well.), I have high hopes for this semester. I can do this! I shall take over the world!


New Achievement Unlocked: Putting the Pro in procrastination

I have not been doing so hot, I suppose. On any front, really.

I haven’t been on top of ANYTHING. I’ll admit it. It’s been terrible. The house is a mess, I’m behind in school work. There has been A LOT of fast food.

None of that is acceptable. So, I’m working on turning it around. Well, I’m starting to. I’ve been elbow-deep in homework tonight, and I’m printing out the frankly overwhelming amount of PowerPoints that make up my homework. Seriously, I’ve taken to printing 9 slides per page because it was just getting obnoxious. Also: Don’t tell Mr. Guild Master at that I’m printing these at home–he prefers I do my printing at school.

So, yeah. My grades are not so hot. I’m not failing, of course. I don’t think I could fail if I tried, not to sound stuck up…but really, not that great. I especially need to buckle down in biology and chemistry. At least I realized it now, rather than in a month or so. I can still pull it back. My GPA (from Freshman year) is 3.321, and I need to keep it there or higher. I have to have at least 2.7 to transfer to the Nursing School I want to go attend, to get my BA in Nursing.

Same deal with applying for work (my job fired me because I broke my foot. Assholes.) I’m lucky to realize that I’ve fallen into this rut now, rather than later. I keep thinking I have time, I have time, but I really don’t. People are hiring for Christmas now…NOW is the time to get on it.

So, here’s the plan.

Tonight I’m gonna finish up this Chemistry homework. Tomorrow in between classes, I’m going to do more homework, study for my Visual Art test, and get in at least 5 applications (I know that’s a low number, but at least it’s a start!).

Thursday, I have a Chem Lab in the afternoon and I will be doing cleaning while Geekling is at school. I tried today, and he was like “Mommy, are you cleaning? Here, let me dump this box of crayons on the floor for you!” Then I will get the lab report done ALL THE WAY that night, so I’m not looking at my data thinking “What the hell does that even mean?”

In addition to the cleaning and Lab, I will also be packing for myself and Dom. We’re going to be spending the weekend about 4 hours away, where we’re gonna be doing family photos! Yay! (We did them last weekend with GM’s fam, they turned out great, even though it’s creating SIL drama x.x), GM and I are doing the AW-centered “date” night…meaning we’re probably gonna pop some popcorn and watch some of BBC’s Sherlock on Netflix. On the GM-centered “date” nights, we’ve been leveling some Pandas! Well, I’ve been leveling a panda. GM passed me up with his and he decided to level a gnome pally with me instead. Really random, but I don’t care. We discovered a long time ago that if we don’t game together, or relationship just falls apart. Weird, right?

Friday we’re heading down to my folks’ place, where I hope to get studying done (Chem test on Monday! Maybe even a Biology one, depending on how lectures pan out tomorrow! Yikes!), as well as putting in a few apps and doing the obvious family time thing. But I’m definitely going to have to get studying done in there, or my goose is cooked.

Hey, does anyone understand how to locate a chiral center?