New Achievement Unlocked: Pinteresting Lunch

More Pinterest stuff!

This time: The Geekling’s lunch for daycare tomorrow! I’m feeling really good that he’s going to love this one!

Pin One: Corn dog muffins! Geekling loves corn dogs. A whole bunch. He’s like the Kirby of corn dog bites. So, I thought I’d give this one a try. Some of the reviews I’d read about the recipe itself said that the hot dog portion of the muffin separated really easily from the cornbread part, so instead of putting big pieces of the hot dog, I did little bitty ones. Also…I only used one of those randomly huge hot dogs you get from the butcher’s and I didn’t add the honey…primarily because I didn’t bother to read the directions. I just followed the Jiffy directions and stirred in cut-up hot dog…

Corndog muffins–before baking

Then, obviously, I baked them.

Corndog muffins: Complete!

They were pretty tasty, I think. A bit dry. Anyone have any tips on how to prevent that? Was it the honey issue? I think next time, I’ll saute a little onion to go in with the hotdog…


Pin two: Zucchini Tots! I’ve really been trying to add more veggie variety to our diets here at the Geek household. Since the Geekling doesn’t mind broccoli (depending, of course, on a 2 year old’s ever-changing wants) I decided to try Zucchini. Now, granted, I have never tried zucchini before, but for some reason, my mind had it pegged as a cross between cucumber and broccoli. I’m not sure why. But there was some zucchini chilling out on the kitchen counter from the brother-in-law’s garden, so hey. Why not?

I was interested to note that a cup of grated zucchini is only really about half a small zucchini. I expected to have to grate a whole lot more than I did.

Also, wringing out the zucchini was a lot of fun.

Zucchini tots–before baking

I was pleased to note, this recipe did make EXACTLY 12 tots. That is a rarity for me. Somehow, when a recipe says it’ll make 24 cookies, I either wind up with 12 or something random like 58.

Crispy Zucchini Tots!

Next time, I shall be making a much, much bigger batch, because these are delicious!


So, all in all, Little Geekling has a very tasty, homemade lunch for school tomorrow! I feel all proud of myself.

Really, I do. It’s all those Pinterest ladies with elaborate bento boxes for their kid every day…they make me and the peanut butter sandwich and carrots I normally send with him feel pretty inadequate.

Geekling lunch!

Until next time,




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