Quest Failed: Shave and a Haircut (two bits)

Yesterday, between classes, I was looking at photos of Geekling when he had his short little legs, chubby cheeks and, most notably,  very little hair. He stayed with the “mildly fuzzy” look until he was about a year old, then we let his amazing and luxurious curls grow out.

I took him to the beauty shop once they started to get in his eyes and had her give him a trim. He got to keep his pretty little curls and I didn’t have to loose that “awwwww, so cute!” feeling. That was around Easter, so it has grown back.

So, yesterday, as I saw all of these pictures from when he had his babyfuzz and thought “How small and adorable he was! Well, I’ve been meaning to have his hair cut! Maybe I’ll just do it tonight. After all, it can’t be that hard, right?”

I have learned that I am not a barber. At all.

It was a fail.

The top of his head, and the back aren’t bad. Maybe a bit choppy, but hey. Not too shabby! But around his ears…Oh, dear god, the ears are horrible. I *accidentally* cut at an angle, and now he’s a Vulcan. He already had kind of pointy ears, but now it’s just ridiculous.

The Guild Master and his bff have been making fun of me endlessly. Tears have been shed. I was convinced last night that I was sending him to “school” today into a den of taunting and Lilliputian bullies. You know, like that one kid in Elementary school who’s mom gave him a haircut and he got a wedgie and pushed down into the pebble pit under the swings.

Positive that hair cutting is some instinctual mothering ability that I just failed at, I called my mom. Who, as my mother is prone to do, actively tried to guilt me. It was so sad. She went on and on about how she’d cut her own hair for years before she ever cut my brother’s and what would possess me to cut Geekling’s hair when I have never cut hair before (which isn’t true, I’d cut my Grandma’s hair before. She looked fabulous!)

Through the tears, I texted pictures to my older sister and a friend, both of whom assured me that his hair isn’t nearly as bad as I thought, despite the ear area. After I uploaded photos to Facebook (The month of August boasts 112 pictures of him), I was flooded with comments about how adorable he is with his new haircut and such. So…maybe it ISN’T as bad as I think (or as bad as Mr GM and his friends are dogging me about. GM admitted that he just kept going because he thought it was ridiculous that I would cry over something as silly as a 2 year old’s hair).

I’m still hoping that his hair grows out quickly!

On the bright side, I have learned a valuable lesson: I am not to be trusted with scissors. From here on out, we shall skip cheerfully to the barber shop. I feel like it is probably good that I learned this lesson now, when his classmates probably didn’t even notice his hair, than when he’s 7, when kids WILL notice.

As for my mom, she “feathered” her hair well into the 2000s (seriously! Even Farrah Fawcett stopped getting the Farrah Fawcett haircut!), gave me an awful, awful poodle perm when I was in Elementary school (Traumatized!) and gave my brother a mullet until he came home from school in tears. So, all in all, she may not have been the right person to call. x.x



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