+1 Cooking: Mexironi

The Fall semester starts tomorrow! But, since my classes are from 9 am to 9 pm, (Apparently, when signing up for classes, I had what can only be a seizure of masochism.) I have the obvious issue of “How do I make sure my family is fed if I’m not home?”

The Guild Master cannot be trusted. If it was up to him, it would be room temperature Chef Boyardee out of the can.

So, I made one of his favorite foods! He even named it: Mexironi (No, he’s not very creative when naming things.)

You know that random dip you make by mirowaving a block of Velveeta with a can of Rotel? You only ever really see it at Super Bowl Parties and New Years Eve. So, I was eating that one day (New Years Eve) when I was super, duper pregnant with the Geekling. and I thought “You know what would be awesome with this? Noodles. I like noodles. And pickles. Now where did all those pickles go?”

Hey. I was pregnant. Also, pickles are awesome.

So. Back to the mexironi. After the Geekling was born and I got past the inevitable zombie sleep deprivation, emotionally uncontrollable phase of parenthood, I started to experiment with cooking again. And what I made was pretty darn tasty, and one of the most common answers to “Hey, what do you want for dinner.


  •  1 lb of ground beef
  • 1 box of whole wheat Rotini noodles (so that we can pretend that it is in some way healthy)
  • 2 cans of Rotel
  • 1 of the big boxes of Velveeta, cubed.

The process is pretty lazy. You set a big pot of water to boil with salt in it. Once it boils, cook the Rotini. In a separate skillet, you brown the hamburger, then drain the grease. Then you drain the water from the Rotini. Return it to the pan and add the Velveeta cubes, the hamburger and the 2 cans of Rotel (don’t drain them! The liquid helps the cheese get all melty and delicious so that you don’t have to add milk). Heat on low until all of the Velveeta is melted and the ingredients are well mixed. And Voila! Mexironi.


The only thing that may take a little fidgeting is the Rotel. There is regular Rotel and mild Rotel. We started out using regular, but it was too spicy for some. One can of regular and one can of mild was my favorite, but still, some people thought it was too hot, so we tend to use both cans of mild. It’s still tasty. As it is made with Velveeta, it will thicken up. If it does, just slowly reheat with some milk.




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