New Achievement Unlocked: Hands of Fate

You all remember Mystery Science Theater 3000, right? They made fun of B-movies for more than a decade. It was great.

Anyway, the guys who were a part of that struck out on their own a while back and have “riffed” dozens upon dozens of movies since then. They are some pretty hilarious fellas.

Once or twice a year they do a “Rifftrax Live” event, which is one of those “One night only!” things they talk about before the previews start rolling at the movies. You probably ignored them. I know I do. If its not dancing hotdogs cheerfully singing “Let’s all go to the lobby!” I am completely uninterested until the lights dim.

In any case, this year’s hilarity was Manos: The Hands of Fate. This, I am sad to say, was an actual movie straight out of the ’60s. Many, many lists consider it the worst movie of all time. Even the guy who wrote, directed and starred in it consider it the worst. So, obviously, it was a great choice for the Riffers.

The show was hilarious. Obviously, I may have hung myself midway through it if I was watching the actual film (It was that bad. Seriously.) but Kevin, Mike and Bill made it hilarious. “Oh, God. I have to pee!” hilarious.

I call it an achievement because I still was subjugated to the movie (though thankfully, there was enough voice over to make it tolerable! Haha), I am still being subjected to the Torgo song remixed over and over and over and over…(My fiance, or as I shall call him here, the Guild Master has a very…repetative sense of humor.) and the jokes included imagining the deformed Torgo’s crusty jerk-off sock and a dog who said he missed Michael Vick.

Last year’s movie was Reefer Madness, which was hilarious on its own (obviously, it was not intended to be, but it was. Oh, it was!) but extra, extra hilarious with the Riffing.


You can watch Reefer Madness without the Riffers on Neflix instant now (link) or watch the Rifftrax Live version here (link). Totally worth it.

If you aren’t familiar with the MST3K format, Netflix has them  on instant, too. (linkey-linkey-linkey)


—Achievement Whore



Some of the old MST3K is on Netflix.



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