New Achievement Unlocked: Introduction

This is the crappy, awkward part about starting a new blog. Or any kind of social media page.

The dreaded “About me” section.

Ah, well. Here goes (in list form!):

  1. I’m a 25 year old geek girl.
  2. I am engaged to a geek guy and we have a 2 year old geekling. No doubt several blog posts will include him.
  3. I’m super socially awkward.
  4. I like pink. Its a great color. Aerosmith even had a song about it.
  5. I dig writing and reading both. Right now I’m testing out my writing/plot development skills with Harry Potter fanfiction, but I eventually aim to write on my own.
  6. I love to cook and bake for people.
  7. I’m practically glued to my camera. Some people find it annoying, but I tend to either ignore them or just make sure my flash is SUPER BLINDINGLY BRIGHT when aimed in their direction. Bwahaha.
  8. As I’m sure you guessed by my blog title, I’m a bit of a gamer geek. I tend to play a lot of Nintendo console games. I also play World of Warcraft on Bloodhoof.
  9. I’m in college. I’m a biology major with plans to get a Bachelor’s in Nursing, eventually moving up to Nurse Practitioner, because, hey, why not? I also work (though I’m currently stuck on a sort of medical leave–I broke my foot and my cast is considered a safety hazard. Bleh.)
  10. I have decided that I need hobbies. So, I have decided on blogging and homesteading/survivalism (which is a really broad subject that gives me a lot of wiggle room). It isn’t really a hobby, but I also am very excited to start on an educational project for Geekling.

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