Quest Failed: Shave and a Haircut (two bits)

Yesterday, between classes, I was looking at photos of Geekling when he had his short little legs, chubby cheeks and, most notably,  very little hair. He stayed with the “mildly fuzzy” look until he was about a year old, then we let his amazing and luxurious curls grow out.

I took him to the beauty shop once they started to get in his eyes and had her give him a trim. He got to keep his pretty little curls and I didn’t have to loose that “awwwww, so cute!” feeling. That was around Easter, so it has grown back.

So, yesterday, as I saw all of these pictures from when he had his babyfuzz and thought “How small and adorable he was! Well, I’ve been meaning to have his hair cut! Maybe I’ll just do it tonight. After all, it can’t be that hard, right?”

I have learned that I am not a barber. At all.

It was a fail.

The top of his head, and the back aren’t bad. Maybe a bit choppy, but hey. Not too shabby! But around his ears…Oh, dear god, the ears are horrible. I *accidentally* cut at an angle, and now he’s a Vulcan. He already had kind of pointy ears, but now it’s just ridiculous.

The Guild Master and his bff have been making fun of me endlessly. Tears have been shed. I was convinced last night that I was sending him to “school” today into a den of taunting and Lilliputian bullies. You know, like that one kid in Elementary school who’s mom gave him a haircut and he got a wedgie and pushed down into the pebble pit under the swings.

Positive that hair cutting is some instinctual mothering ability that I just failed at, I called my mom. Who, as my mother is prone to do, actively tried to guilt me. It was so sad. She went on and on about how she’d cut her own hair for years before she ever cut my brother’s and what would possess me to cut Geekling’s hair when I have never cut hair before (which isn’t true, I’d cut my Grandma’s hair before. She looked fabulous!)

Through the tears, I texted pictures to my older sister and a friend, both of whom assured me that his hair isn’t nearly as bad as I thought, despite the ear area. After I uploaded photos to Facebook (The month of August boasts 112 pictures of him), I was flooded with comments about how adorable he is with his new haircut and such. So…maybe it ISN’T as bad as I think (or as bad as Mr GM and his friends are dogging me about. GM admitted that he just kept going because he thought it was ridiculous that I would cry over something as silly as a 2 year old’s hair).

I’m still hoping that his hair grows out quickly!

On the bright side, I have learned a valuable lesson: I am not to be trusted with scissors. From here on out, we shall skip cheerfully to the barber shop. I feel like it is probably good that I learned this lesson now, when his classmates probably didn’t even notice his hair, than when he’s 7, when kids WILL notice.

As for my mom, she “feathered” her hair well into the 2000s (seriously! Even Farrah Fawcett stopped getting the Farrah Fawcett haircut!), gave me an awful, awful poodle perm when I was in Elementary school (Traumatized!) and gave my brother a mullet until he came home from school in tears. So, all in all, she may not have been the right person to call. x.x



Level up: Sophomore

Well, it’s that time of year again, folks. Back to school! I’m officially a college sophomore. Go, me!

(Yeah…I realize 25 is a bit old for sophomore, but hey, better to have a late start than no start!)

This semester I opted to bulk all my classes into really, really long days. My first class is at 9 am and an my last class gets out at 8:45 pm. I’m only taking 4 classes this semester (long story, but the school I’m looking to transfer on me changed requirements, so I had to get another pre-req out of the way), so there is a bunch of down time in between that I plan on using for homework or studying so that home time can be…well, home time.

This semester I am taking:

  • Biology of Human Disease,
  • General, Organic and Biochemistry II,
  • Introduction to Visual Art, and
  • Nutrition for Optimum Living

So, obviously, the Visual Art class is finishing out my GenEd requirements. I’m not an overly artsy girl. Crafty, yes. Artistically talented, definitely not.

Nutrition is actually the first of my official nursing courses, so that’s pretty exciting!

I have to say, though, after a few weeks of insomnia and getting up super early this morning, I am exhausted as all hell. I’m hoping to get into some kind of rhythm, but I think it’s far, far more likely that I’ll just have to incorporate coffee into my daily routine. Who knows?

Since I obviously don’t have any homework to take up my time right now, I have been fooling around on Pinterest. I have an addiction. It is pretty sad, really. But anywho, I have been looking up my two favorite topics right now: Toddler Activities and Homesteading.

The Geekling is to the point now that he is really starting to learn. Not just the normal, itty-bitty baby kind of learning, I mean the actual pre-academic skills learning.  So I’ve been looking into all of these awesome things like busy bags, discovery bottles, activity trays and random educational (but fun!) things we can do together. I’m really very stoked about it, and I know that the little dude is going to love them. Between Pinterest, checking out classroom suppliers and random Google searches, I have found hundreds of really awesome ideas! This is especially exciting for me because of how worried I was about his speech delay. It turned out to be one of those “Boys will be boys” things (that all the moms except my own–she’s a bit dramatic–told me to begin with) and now he’s a regular chatterbox. I swear I hear the ABC song upwards of 50 times a day. Not to mention how quickly he took over my iPad. He’s a mad genius with that thing.

As far as Homesteading/Survivalism goes, it’s just a really broad topic and my obsessive and idealistic tendencies are just so easily fed into it. A lot of the abilities that I consider to be a part of it are just really good life skills to have. I’ve already got several down, like cooking and baking. I’ve kind of cautiously started in with gardening. (I have some little bell peppers, tomatoes and strawberries growing—if the dang squirrel will stop stealing them!) But a lot of it is stuff that I have planned on learning for a long, long while: sewing, knitting, canning. And then, as time went on, I started to be more and more anxious about things like natural disasters. It isn’t that I really buy into the whole “ZOMG, 2012, the world is ENDING!” theories (though Mr. Guild Master would tell you I do), but some of the concepts bother me. If I had to live without the internet, without electricity, grocery stores or cars, could I do it? Right now, that answer is a resounding no. I feel, strongly, that 100 years ago, the average person had a better chance of surviving a large-scale disaster of some kind. Again, I’m not saying that the Zombie Apocalypse is nigh, just that maybe learning to make some cheese, grow some cucumbers and chop wood might not be a bad idea.  There is much, much more to it than that, but I’m very into it right now. It’s fascinating, if you think about it, how these scenarios could wipe out much of the human race just based on sheer laziness or disinterest. It’s even more fascinating when you think of all the genuinely awesome and imaginative ways we can wander off the beaten path and how much self-satisfaction we can create for ourselves by doing this.

I think the most surprising thing about my research here is (after you weed through the actual crazies) how many normal, average families have taken up homesteading as not only a survival strategy, but also as a way to live healthier for less money. Very cool!

Anyway, I’m going to go play some New Super Mario Brothers 2 before my last class of the day starts up. I’m enjoying the crazy, crazy goldfarming!

+1 Cooking: Mexironi

The Fall semester starts tomorrow! But, since my classes are from 9 am to 9 pm, (Apparently, when signing up for classes, I had what can only be a seizure of masochism.) I have the obvious issue of “How do I make sure my family is fed if I’m not home?”

The Guild Master cannot be trusted. If it was up to him, it would be room temperature Chef Boyardee out of the can.

So, I made one of his favorite foods! He even named it: Mexironi (No, he’s not very creative when naming things.)

You know that random dip you make by mirowaving a block of Velveeta with a can of Rotel? You only ever really see it at Super Bowl Parties and New Years Eve. So, I was eating that one day (New Years Eve) when I was super, duper pregnant with the Geekling. and I thought “You know what would be awesome with this? Noodles. I like noodles. And pickles. Now where did all those pickles go?”

Hey. I was pregnant. Also, pickles are awesome.

So. Back to the mexironi. After the Geekling was born and I got past the inevitable zombie sleep deprivation, emotionally uncontrollable phase of parenthood, I started to experiment with cooking again. And what I made was pretty darn tasty, and one of the most common answers to “Hey, what do you want for dinner.


  •  1 lb of ground beef
  • 1 box of whole wheat Rotini noodles (so that we can pretend that it is in some way healthy)
  • 2 cans of Rotel
  • 1 of the big boxes of Velveeta, cubed.

The process is pretty lazy. You set a big pot of water to boil with salt in it. Once it boils, cook the Rotini. In a separate skillet, you brown the hamburger, then drain the grease. Then you drain the water from the Rotini. Return it to the pan and add the Velveeta cubes, the hamburger and the 2 cans of Rotel (don’t drain them! The liquid helps the cheese get all melty and delicious so that you don’t have to add milk). Heat on low until all of the Velveeta is melted and the ingredients are well mixed. And Voila! Mexironi.


The only thing that may take a little fidgeting is the Rotel. There is regular Rotel and mild Rotel. We started out using regular, but it was too spicy for some. One can of regular and one can of mild was my favorite, but still, some people thought it was too hot, so we tend to use both cans of mild. It’s still tasty. As it is made with Velveeta, it will thicken up. If it does, just slowly reheat with some milk.



New Achievement Unlocked: Hands of Fate

You all remember Mystery Science Theater 3000, right? They made fun of B-movies for more than a decade. It was great.

Anyway, the guys who were a part of that struck out on their own a while back and have “riffed” dozens upon dozens of movies since then. They are some pretty hilarious fellas.

Once or twice a year they do a “Rifftrax Live” event, which is one of those “One night only!” things they talk about before the previews start rolling at the movies. You probably ignored them. I know I do. If its not dancing hotdogs cheerfully singing “Let’s all go to the lobby!” I am completely uninterested until the lights dim.

In any case, this year’s hilarity was Manos: The Hands of Fate. This, I am sad to say, was an actual movie straight out of the ’60s. Many, many lists consider it the worst movie of all time. Even the guy who wrote, directed and starred in it consider it the worst. So, obviously, it was a great choice for the Riffers.

The show was hilarious. Obviously, I may have hung myself midway through it if I was watching the actual film (It was that bad. Seriously.) but Kevin, Mike and Bill made it hilarious. “Oh, God. I have to pee!” hilarious.

I call it an achievement because I still was subjugated to the movie (though thankfully, there was enough voice over to make it tolerable! Haha), I am still being subjected to the Torgo song remixed over and over and over and over…(My fiance, or as I shall call him here, the Guild Master has a very…repetative sense of humor.) and the jokes included imagining the deformed Torgo’s crusty jerk-off sock and a dog who said he missed Michael Vick.

Last year’s movie was Reefer Madness, which was hilarious on its own (obviously, it was not intended to be, but it was. Oh, it was!) but extra, extra hilarious with the Riffing.


You can watch Reefer Madness without the Riffers on Neflix instant now (link) or watch the Rifftrax Live version here (link). Totally worth it.

If you aren’t familiar with the MST3K format, Netflix has them  on instant, too. (linkey-linkey-linkey)


—Achievement Whore



Some of the old MST3K is on Netflix.


New Achievement Unlocked: Introduction

This is the crappy, awkward part about starting a new blog. Or any kind of social media page.

The dreaded “About me” section.

Ah, well. Here goes (in list form!):

  1. I’m a 25 year old geek girl.
  2. I am engaged to a geek guy and we have a 2 year old geekling. No doubt several blog posts will include him.
  3. I’m super socially awkward.
  4. I like pink. Its a great color. Aerosmith even had a song about it.
  5. I dig writing and reading both. Right now I’m testing out my writing/plot development skills with Harry Potter fanfiction, but I eventually aim to write on my own.
  6. I love to cook and bake for people.
  7. I’m practically glued to my camera. Some people find it annoying, but I tend to either ignore them or just make sure my flash is SUPER BLINDINGLY BRIGHT when aimed in their direction. Bwahaha.
  8. As I’m sure you guessed by my blog title, I’m a bit of a gamer geek. I tend to play a lot of Nintendo console games. I also play World of Warcraft on Bloodhoof.
  9. I’m in college. I’m a biology major with plans to get a Bachelor’s in Nursing, eventually moving up to Nurse Practitioner, because, hey, why not? I also work (though I’m currently stuck on a sort of medical leave–I broke my foot and my cast is considered a safety hazard. Bleh.)
  10. I have decided that I need hobbies. So, I have decided on blogging and homesteading/survivalism (which is a really broad subject that gives me a lot of wiggle room). It isn’t really a hobby, but I also am very excited to start on an educational project for Geekling.